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Traditional Indian crafts and textiles reimagined

I have been wearing indian handmade textiles since i was a little girl. My mother has been an inspiration. My sister and I enjoyed starching and drying out our mothers handloom sarees that she wore to work. Some heirloom weaves have been passed on to me. As a kid I loved travelling to weaving villages across south india. My mom is also a seamstress who used our traditional textiles to sew clothes for us. During my growing up years is when I could acknowledge the harsh realities of our craftspeople. Even before World of Ikat was born I pledged to do my best to preserve and promote India’s rich textile heritage. 

World of Ikat literally means ‘path for art’. We are a sustainable accessories and clothing label working with traditional artisans from all over India. It is our endeavour to bring traditional craftspeople to the forefront by putting their craft in the spotlight. We truly believe that we can open new markets for indian crafts through our design intervention initiatives. Our extensive travel to remote villages across India has helped us understand grass root level issues. We take pride in our women artisans at World of Ikat who are able to augment their family income and educate their children. 

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