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Ikat is a labour intensive resist dyeing technique where bundles of warp and weft yarns are tied and dyed to create patterns on the fabric during the weaving process.

A lot of artisans are involved in the process of weaving ikat textiles and each process needs a great amount of precision. Every household has a loom and the entire family is involved since the skills have been passed down generations.
  • Master Weaver – translates design from a plotted graph to the yarn.
  • Binder – ties the yarn along the marked areas and ensures that dyes do not penetrate into the resist area.
  • Dyer – ensure the yarns are dyed in vats under the required temperature.
  • Weaver – artisan who produces the final cloth on a pit loom or frame loom. 

We work with a highly skilled team of independent master weavers and co-operative societies who produce our ikats in serene villages across Telangana State.

Handloom Cotton

    • Checks & Stripes - Weaving any kind of pattern on cloth needs precision and is labour intensive. In this process warp and weft yarns interlace alternately. When you see more than one color on the cloth it means the weaver’s hands have moved hundreds of times to change the shuttle. 
    • Motifs ( buttas ) – Motifs are created using an extra weft technique. This needs a great amount of skill where the weaver uses an extra yarn and lifts the warp threads in a particular order on the loom. 
    Our finest handloom cottons yardages are produced by a fully owned women’s co-operative spread across remote villages in Andhra Pradesh.

    Block Printing

    Hand block printing is a centuries old surface embellishment technique where patterns are created on cloth using wood blocks. This technique is practiced in many regions in India and each region has their own motifs that are inspired by their heritage. Block printing involves several labour-intensive processes some of which are listed below

      • Extracting dyes from leaves, barks, roots and flowers. Some of them contain medicinal properties such as neem and turmeric
      • Washing the cloth in natural waterways to get rid of starch
      • Carving the blocks
      • Block printing – more the number of colours in the pattern more the effort and precision required

      Our skilled printers and wood block carvers are spread   across Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan.


      As a responsible brand with a commitment to reduce our carbon footprint, we ensure our production waste does not reach landfill. All our scraps are sorted colour and size wise and upcycled into lifestyle accessories. Our capacity building initiative also empowers women from marginalized communities in Mumbai and Hyderabad.


      Product design and production

      All our products are thoughtfully designed in-house and produced in small batches by our artisans in Mumbai. Fair trade sits at the heart of everything we do. When you purchase from us you play a pivotal role in bringing social change in the lives of people from marginalised communities. 

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